Wealth Game Basics

Start your Wealth Game journey for free! You'll get access to the video about how to save $30,000-$200,000 in taxes with real estate! 

Bonus: extra videos on structuring your business and investments + tools & templates every business owner and investor should have. See how some business owners and investors are saving $30,000+ every year.

Inside you'll find a collection of videos about some of the core education around tax planning with LLCs and much more.

Great for business owners, investors, or anyone looking to break the mold of working 50+ years and hoping for the best.

Real Estate investors (new, potential, or experienced) will get some in depth details on the tax benefits and wealth creation benefits of real estate.

Brent decided to not charge anything for this collection of resources to help make it accessible for everyone.  You'll find concepts that are pretty basic and all the way up to some strategies unheard of by some multi millionaires. 

Our goal is to spread this knowledge, education, and practical tools across the country for everyone to be able to start on the path of building wealth through tax and investment strategies.

Some of what's included:

 - 1 Hour "Ultimate" Structure video where Brent discusses the practical way to structure your business, investments, LLCs, etc

- 10 minute video of Brent explaining the benefits of converting to an S Corporation.

- How to Estimate Your Own Taxes / Doing a Tax Projection:   To save you on costs of having your CPA, accountant, or tax preparer put together a tax projection.  Brent teaches you the step by step process and provides the worksheet to do it on your own in this 25 minute video

- Worksheets/Templates included

  1. Business-Income Expense Summary Worksheet for compiling your tax deductions (includes the 50+ IRS deductions reported on their forms).

  2. Business Use of Home Worksheet:  How to calculate the deduction you get from using your home for your self employment or business related income activities

  3. Capital Gain Tax Estimator Tool

  4. HSA-HRA-MERP Reimbursable Items List:  setting up a health plan for your corporation can help you write off a lot of your health related costs, even a home gym!

  5. Mileage Tracking Log for business owners and investors.

  6. Multiple Rental Property Template:  want to see how your income and expenses should be broken down for year end reporting?  Use this worksheet to keep things organized.

  7. Reimbursement Form (general and medical).  This is the reimbursement form recommended by Brent to formally document the reimbursements from your own business.  Reimbursing yourself for renting part of your home to your business, using your personal cell phone, vehicle, or other costs that were paid by you personally can now be deducted by the business through a formal reimbursement using a form like this.

  8. S Corporation Savings Sample Worksheet:  wondering how much tax you might save by filing as an S Corporation?  Use our included template to find out

  9. Rental Property Analyzer Tool to help you decide if a property is a good investment or not. 

Instead of charging $200+ for hours of content recorded by Brent Bement, CPA and all these great tools we've decided to make this is our free gift to you.

Enjoy!  And we look forward to hearing about your success!


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