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What is the Wealth Game Alliance? 

There are a lot of memberships out there that teach concepts but fall short on application.

The Wealth Game Alliance is different.

It's your opportunity to be part of the group coached by a CPA that actually implements the strategies himself. You get the full support of Bement & Company (the nationwide CPA firm owned by Brent) along the way.


Not only do we offer comprehensive education but we focus on implementation and support. We teach tax and investment strategies used by the ultra wealthy that are often NOT taught in school and make them easy (and even fun) to apply in your wealth journey. 

We help you master your wealth game...
while making it enjoyable and easy to implement.

What You'll Receive by Joining...
(besides more wealth and lower taxes)

  • LIVE ZOOM  Q&A CALLS:  Get personalized answers to your burning questions during our interactive calls. No matter what financial, business, or investment topic you're working through, we're here to provide the guidance you need.

  • COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION: Gain valuable knowledge through Instant access our diverse range of courses and trainings. Learn about tax strategies, investment opportunities, and effective wealth-building techniques to enhance your financial literacy.

  • RESOURCEFUL DATABASE: Immediate access to 7,000+ (not joking) forms, templates, and frequently asked questions. You get the resources you need to streamline your business, investments, and financial processes.

  • SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your financial goals and aspirations. Share insights, exchange ideas, and learn from the collective wisdom of our supportive network.

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: Enjoy first access to our private client or coaching opportunities and events. Stay ahead of the curve with priority access to valuable experiences and personalized guidance. 







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Our purpose is to help you grow and protect your wealth by using the same strategies as the ultra wealthy.... so you can live a  life with more freedom and fulfillment in life.


"Seeing someone’s tax bill drop by $10,000-$50,000 or seeing massive gains in their wealth brings me so much joy! Once it's figured out and the key pieces are in place, it's not that hard to do!  But people often don't know where to begin so I love to break it down in simple and practical ways to help them keep more of their wealth by reducing taxes. "


- Brent

Why I Created the Wealth Game Alliance

I love helping people on their financial journey by planning and implementing tax and investment strategies. 

The problem I've been facing  lately is the daily amount of questions that I receive. It’s challenging to give everyone the time I would like to. I also noticed that many of the questions are the same or  similar and a group format would help get information and advice to more people at once. 

As I thought about a way to help more people I thought
“Why not create a platform where we don’t hold back anything and give out all of our tax and investment strategies to everyone at once?” 
Thus the birth of the Wealth Game Alliance.   
- Brent Bement CPA, Founder of Wealth Game

Why join the Wealth Game Alliance?  
Here are a few examples:


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